Medicare and DVA rebates

Medicare subsidise up to 5 allied health visits in a calendar year for people with a chronic disease who are managed by their GP under a chronic disease management plan.

The principle behind this is managing chronic conditions in a primary health care setting, with the goal to reduce the impact of chronic disease on the patient and on the public health system by reducing costly hospital visits.

Medicare only covers the cost of appointments, not consumables or orthotic therapy.

At these appointment you can expect a longer appointment to assess the health of your feet. As well as addressing your primary reason for making an appointment, I routinely conduct simple and non invasive assessment of the sensation and circulation of the feet.
If you are unsure of whether you are eligible for or would benefit from Medicare funded podiatry discuss it with your doctor.

Department of Veterans Affairs gold card holders are eligible for all podiatry services. White card holders are eligible for podiatry directly related to their service. Veterans require a GP referral for podiatry.

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