Manual Therapies and Orthotic Devices



There are many tools a podiatrist can use to treat sore or injured feet or to alter the action of joints and muscles to support the skeleton, specifically knees, hips, pelvis and lower spine.

Balanced Podiatry is always looking for new ways to help our patients. The therapies we currently use daily include:

Manual Therapies – Airlie can effectively mobilise and manipulate the joins in the feet to help enhance joint function. Massage is also utilised. With 3 years of University training to learn the anatomy and movement of the feet Podiatrists know the intricate workings of the feet in great detail to provide excellent physical therapy to the feet.

Needling Therapies – Using principles of trigger point therapy and acupuncture small needles can be inserted to the skin to provide relief of soft tissue pain, reduce swelling and many other uses.

We conduct needling therapies in a safe environment with small single use needles. Most often there is no pain involved, a twitch or pressure from a plastic applicator tube will be felt.

Strapping – sometimes a joint or muscle just needs a rest. Airlie Waller is an accredited Level 2 Sports Trainer with over 10 years experience providing sports first aid services to amateur and elite athletes. Common conditions that respond well to strapping include toe pain, heel pain, shin splints and ankle sprains.

Exercises – Our skeletal structure is supported by muscles and ligaments that work in unison to enable us to move. If one muscle becomes overactive or inactive through injury, overuse or underuse then aches and pains can develop. Stretching and Strengthening muscles is an excellent way to treat such injuries. Airlie Waller has completed a Certificate 3 in Fitness equipping her with the skills to prescribe exercises that are right for you

Orthotic Therapy – Customised devices are made to a prescription specific to your foot and your needs. Various materials are used. We take a weight-bearing impression of the foot to get the best resemblance possible and use a lab in Adelaide to hand make our devices for us out of a range of materials.  Generic devices can also be an excellent option and the device that is right for you will be sourced.