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Hi and welcome to Balanced Podiatry. This name describes me perfectly. As a podiatrist I deal with balance problems daily, including falls prevention or trimming the toe nails of someone whose days of contortion to reach their feet are behind them. More often than not I feel like a circus performer balancing my family and running a small business. In fact while having a new logo designed recently a picture of an elephant on a beach ball seemed a pretty good idea – luckily my graphic designer found a much more professional way to present me to the public.

On days like today the vegetable garden and citrus trees I am establishing at our new house provided and enticing distraction from this website, filing and sterilising I need to do for work tomorrow. Fear not it will all be done but those hours with my family in the garden now mean I am about to enter 2 hours of chaotically cooking my husbands soup club soup, preparing pizza for dinner and of course the filing and sterilising.

Back to the garden. It is amazing. It wasn’t yesterday. We moved into our perfect 1/4 acre block in Willunga in January and filled the established but dry and clumpy patch with chook manure. The result was thousands of seedlings held in the compost sprouting. It has taken 2-3 attempts between seed plantings to remove most of them but they had taken over once again. However, This morning my husband suggested it was a good day for the garden, so I closed my eyes, walked past the washing and dishes and work and put on some gardening gloves. Actually I wear disposable gloves (I also use sports tape to wrap presents).
My blissful, meditative hours removing the weeds now show a neat patch of luscious soil full of worms that would make any green thumb jealous and the seeds and seedlings I planted in Autumn are producing alien-like Kohlrabi, and baby Purple Dragon Carrots. The Kohlrabi and lettuce are things that I have never grown successfully, the last time I tried to grow lettuces my dad asked me if I was going out of my way to feed the snails and within a week they were gone. Either planting 100 seeds at a time has confused the poor snails or they haven’t figured out where the food is but I am growing lettuce that is buttery and crunchy at the same time.

We grow our food for so many reasons…providing healthy food for the family and a healthy hobby – why pay to lift weights in a gym when you can shovel compost for free, but mostly there are many things that draw me to gardening that I can’t explain – I think gardening is just one of things that you love or you don’t and once your in your hooked. It is like when people ask me ‘why feet’ – no I do not have a foot fetish but I am interested in people and my job challenges and fascinates me every day.

So at 430pm I still have 2 baskets of clean laundry to put away, husbands soup to finish, our own dinner to cook and children to clean, oh and I should really start the autoclave otherwise I will be running it at midnight. But the kids are dirty as all little boys should be and Mr 4 has learnt there is an heirloom cart called Purple Dragon and it tastes delicious, white radishes are a bit spicy and pansies taste quite nice. Mr 2 is just dirty and has discovered worms, and he’s not so keen.

I hope to start posting some exciting you tube clips…you will see them in a week or a month depending on the weather and if my diggers catalogue distracts me from the feet.

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