Heel Pain

Heel Pain accounts for the majority of podiatry attendances relating to foot pain.

There are many structures in the foot that can contribute to heel pain. For simplicity let’s refer to the Plantar Fascia – however your podiatrist will be able to accurately diagnose your specific foot pain.

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Falls and Balance

Falls change people lives. There are some simple exercises that you can do to reduce falls risk and improve confidence.

This is all great advice for improving agility for sports people and reducing pain related to arthritis too

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Orthotic Therapy

Foot Orthotics come in many forms.

Generally they fall into 2 categories:

– Functional – improve foot function by reducing tissue stress

– Cushioning – provide cushioning and support where it is needed

Willunga Podiatry has an on site workshop to make custom insoles on the spot or simple adjustments

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