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Every day someone asks me ‘why does a girl like you want to play with smelly feet all day’ over a 10 year career, yesterday’s questioner would have been the lucky 3500th person to hear this response:

‘ I don’t actually have a foot fetish, but I have always been interested in helping people and being a podiatrist gives me the opportunity to teach people about the diseases that effect their feet like diabetes and heart disease and arthritis, solve tricky muscle and joint problems and help out people who can’t cut their toenails anymore.’
Educating people on why they have pain, how their joints or disease are adversely affecting their body and how it can be fixed is my passion. T primary health care model of improving people’s health with early intervention through education strikes a chord with me and it has guided my clinical practice for the last 10 years.

So…what does this have to do with a garden stake? Well, I spend a lot of time talking to people trying to learn what they know, what their background is and how I can personalise an explanation. Recently I have been doing this for arthritis with osteophytic lipping (flattened bones with Spurs) by describing banging on a wooden stake. So this afternoon while I was trying to rescue our snow pea crop from the Willunga wind I looked up and realised the image you see is exactly what I hope you envisage when I use that metaphor.

Knowing what is happening to your body when it hurts empowers you to manage pain yourself and helps you understand the tests and treatments that your specialists prescribe. I believe the most powerful way I can change your life is by teaching you about your particular foot problem.

Check out the footscope documents that cover a range of foot conditions:
If you’re interested in some group education I am running ‘Take Charge of Pain’ designed by Arthritis SA in Willunga in November



Disclaimer: this information is general in nature

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